Life planSome people are “fortunate to know” from their early age what they want to achieve in life having a master plan. Other people live their lives improvising as life provide them with “opportunities”. Many more people march in their lives according to the music life plays, or maybe, they float in the air, like a feather taken higher by the wind. If you ask them: Where are you going John? where everyone else is going…. What about you Raymond? Where the world takes me. That is, no direction and no meaning.

Actually I am one of those who truly think that there are no losers but people who do not know where they are heading to. Where to go in lifeFor instance, let’s imagine that we have this large ship, strong enough to resist the waves, driven by a powerful engine using hydrogen as fuel, with body made of a Carbon-Titanium alloy, that is, strong but light, but the ship lacks a navigation system and the captain of that incredible ship does not know where he is heading. Let’s pretend we sail that ship to the deep sea. What is going to be its destination? If the ship ever gets anywhere as it will not go nowhere.

Our body is like the ship in that example, designed to endure virtually any threat, and we are the captain. That is why I think successful people are not those who have become millionaire or a celebrity.

To me, successful people are those who have a plan for their lives and they get closer to their goals, objectives, and dreams every day. I have a PlanLife Strategy Creator can help you design your Master Plan and turn you into a machine to reach your goals.

Life Strategy Creator can help you to find a Life Master Plan!

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