How can Life Strategy Creator help you?

Do you know what Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO) and Rafa Nadal (professional tennis player) have in common? Both have been helped by someone who plays an important role in their lives: a personal coach. Schmidt has an executive coach who helps him see beyond the horizon and Rafa has a coach who helps him with his physical, mental, and emotional condition.

The virtues of being able to listen beyond the words, a landscape vision, and to easy develop interpersonal relationships can be highly valuable when used for the good and wellbeing of people who deem that relevant. These virtues can help you elucidate the keys to why the results you want are not being achieved as to create a strategic plan to change course and meaning.

Create a strategic plan to change course and meaning

My coaching program is specially focused on and targeted at those people who are completely convinced of changing any habit, to transform themselves or move from point A to point B when the path seems to be more uphill, and to do so in a prompt and safe way.

Life Strategy Creator works with the 3 Pillars of what I call the Self-realization pyramid in Life with direction and purpose: Material Pillar, Health Pillar, and the Spiritual Pillar.

The Material Pillar: As the name hints, this is about material goals (economic goals, assets, business, studies, personal finance, interpersonal skills, adapting to life in a new country, etc.) the individual wants to achieve.

Health Pillar: These are goals regarding both physical and mental health (gain-lose weight, quit an addiction, changing a negative or bad attitude, develop a specific trait, etc.)

Spiritual Pillar: These area goals related with aspects we do not perceive with our physical senses but of which existence we are aware, for instance, a feeling. This Pillar goes hand in hand with responses to external stimuli, i.e., how we react to any specific situation (Reactive Attitudes). For me this is the most important Pillar as it includes goals such as designing a Life Master Plan.

An ideal balance is reached when all these three Pillars are in balanced themselves. However, most people lack that ideal balance, hence they need to work on at least one of them. Balancing these 3 Pillars can make a difference in living a full life with meaning.

I can guide you to reach that balance and to discover what your passion in life is through the creation of a Life Master Plan toward a specific direction and meaning. I can also help you improve your self-esteem with small changes like this one (click here to improve your self-esteem in two minutes.)

If you have already discovered your passion I can help you discover how to reach that wish you have inside you and to remove that personal inner saboteur that usually prevents you from reaching your goals.

I am committed to help you design your personal life strategy so you can be successful in what you want.

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